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25% of your book purchase will be donated to some of my favorite charities,

so not only will you be purchasing a phenomenal book,

you will be helping impact the lives of others at the same time!




Out Of the Closet Thrift Store at  is an amazing organization! Owned and Operated by The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the store generates money that helps fund the many services the Foundation provides which include HIV/AIDS testing and counseling.


I have been sponsoring a little girl through World Vision named Asa since June of 2001. Watching her grow, learn and evolve has truly been rewarding!  You purchase can make a huge difference for a child in need. Please Visit


I spent many of my good childhood years on our ranch in Texas. There I learned the importance of animals; we could end poverty by teaching others about agriculture. Several years ago I discovered Heifer International and I’ve been donating ever since. Heifer International’s goal is to end poverty, help struggling families & communities worldwide.  Millions of people globally are overlooked by their governments, denied education, and other basic necessities.  Heifer International’s has projects in over 50 countries. Visit them at


The absolute need for Habitat For Humanity became quite prevalent during and after The Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. I wanted to do so much to help our people, but I did what I could. Habitat For Humanity has partnered with numerous people and organizations to end homelessness on many levels. Please visit to see how you can get involved. 


RED was created to eradicate HIV/AIDS in Africa. So far everything RED and the Global Fund have set forth has made enormous changes for the continent. The Pandemic must end. Be a part of global change. Be insp(RED) to purchase a RED item through one of the many outlets such as the Gap, or donate directly to the Global Fund at or visit


I have participated in The AIDS Walk for many years. Through those years, I’ve seen APLA  provide many valuable services. They are committed to HIV/AIDS prevention.


I  love Direct Relief. They are focused on disaster emergency response and medical disaster response. For example the Tsunami in The Indian Ocean, Hurricane Katrina, and the recent Wildfire in California, Direct Relief’s response was paramount! Some of their aftermath programs include health care and operating HIV/AIDS clinics and hospitals which include outreach programs. Visit Them at


Donating and getting involved in The SPCA at  and The Humane Society at are great ways to help  animals like providing homes,  preventing cruelty, and over population.  You can adopt a friend who will love you for an eternity. We adopted Adonis  are little Shih Tzu puppy who is an absolutely joy, then we adopted Spooney, a Black & white Havanese who is quite a character,  but full of love & loyalty.


I have been donating on many levels to The American Red Cross at for many years. There are numerous ways to get involved. You can donate your time, money, and even give blood!


I said all of that to say, I live to dedicate myself and my work to help others. Proceeds of In The Midst of My Blackness  will be donated to organizations that are dedicated to feeding the hungry, healing the sick, saving our environment, housing the homeless, educating the ignorant, and empowering the weak. Buy the book, and change someone’s life! Or….please visit the links provided, and make the step towards being a part of positive change. If you want to start your journey from scratch donate directly to your spiritual Organization, of visit Network For Good at